Laws, Love and Action

The Torah, Judaism, and by extension, Noahism, are concerned with action. Mere belief in God or principles is not enough. The Torah requires us to actualize; to perform God’s will in this world. How, though, do we know God’s will? The answer is: mitzvos.

Both of the covenants include mitzvos – divine commandments – expressing God’s expectations of man. The Sinatic, Jewish covenant includes 613 mitzvos, divine laws. The Noahide covenant contains 7 categories of mitzvos (commandments) which include about 70 mitzvos in total. The mitzvos – the divine commandments – give structure and expression to the underlying beliefs, ethics, and values of God’s Torah. By fulfilling the mitzvos, we connect and become part of our Creator’s will. In this sense, the mitzvos are far more than just laws – they are a direct means of connecting to God.

From a metaphysical standpoint, the fulfillment of mitzvos contributes to the rectification of God’s creation. By fulfilling the mitzvos, we draw the light of God into the world and bring it closer to perfection.

Therefore, the mitzvos must be studied, pursued, loved, and performed with tremendous joy and thankfulness for the opportunities that they present.