Noahide Nations Statement of Faith includes the 13 principles of faith that were formulated by Maimonides (Rambam) and is as follows: NOAHIDE NATIONS BELIEVES WITH COMPLETE FAITH THAT:

  1. G-d is the Creator and Guide of all things.
  2. G-d is unique.
  3. G-d is incorporeal.
  4. G-d is the first and last.
  5. To G-d alone is it proper to pray.
  6. All the words of the prophets are true.
  7. The prophecy of Moses was true and he was the father of all prophets.
  8. The Torah as it exists is the one that was given to Moses.
  9. The Torah will not be changed and no additional one will be given.
  10. G-d knows all the deeds and thoughts of men.
  11. G-d rewards and punishes.
  12. The Messiah will be anointed.
  13. There will be a resurrection of the dead.

Noahide Nations further believes that due to the righteousness of Noah, Mankind was preserved.  We believe that Noah was a righteous man, perfect in his generations, found favor in the eyes of G-d and did walk with G-d, which G-d had Moses write in His Torah. (Gen. 6:8-9)

We believe that it is the responsibility of all Torah Centered Noahides to spread the Truth of G-d and His Torah throughout the world, and with G-d's help bring about world peace.

We, as children of Noah, caretakers of our precious planet earth, accept upon ourselves the responsibility for peace and oneness in our world, as accepted by Adam and by Noah, transmitted by Moses and his people over the ages:

  • Do Not Commit Idolatry
  • Do Not Commit Sexual Transgressions
  • Do Not Commit Murder
  • Do Not Commit Blasphemy Against G-d
  • Do Not Commit Theft
  • Create Courts of Justice
  • Do Not Eat The Limb of a Living Animal