The Vault is the place where Noahide Nations keeps its treasures. These are great ideas that Noahide Nations would love to participate in but due to lack of resources isn't able to do so. All these projects need to come to life is your help!

The N.O.A.H. Project or National Online Association of Homeschoolers was a project that for a time was moving forward. The goal of the project was to create a Noahide homeschooling association. This place would serve as an informational resource even for people whose kids weren't being homeschool. The vision was that instead of going to lots of questionable websites families could feel comfortable with their kids at N.O.A.H. with family friendly activity areas. Due to a lack of resources the project has been suspended. 

Projects brought to Noahide Nations that Noahide Nations feels are important but that are brought without resources such as volunteers, money, and so forth, will come to wait for resourcing in our vault where people can learn about these amazing projects. 



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