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The journey of Noahide Torah study is endless in depth and has no destination.  You will realize this when your very essence proclaims, "the more I learn, the less I know"!  Before you make this proclamation remember that it is a mitzvot for a Noahide to study the Noahide Laws and apply them in every aspect of their life.  After you make that proclamation you will realize and appreciate why it is a mitzvot for a Noahide to study the Noahide Laws and apply them in every aspect of your life.  The study of Torah is what gives us our awe of the Creator.  The more we study the more awe we gain.

Below is a list of books recommended by the poskim who researched the Noahide Laws & Life Cycle Course taught by Talmudic University of Florida  As the Rav's make further recommendations, we will add them to this list.  Any of these will add wisdom to you on the endless journey. 

Chumash (Torah) & Nakh (Prophets & Writings)

  • The Living Torah by - Author: Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
  • Chumash (Artscroll Item# STOH) – Bilingual edition of the Torah with an anthology of the classic commentaries.
  • Tanakh (Artscroll Item# STGS) – Bilingual edition of the entire Hebrew scriptures with minimal commentary and reference.
  • Midrash Rabbah: Bereshis & Noach (Artscroll Kleinman Ed. Item# MRBR1) – Moral, ethical, and homiletic insights into the subtle nuances of the Torah’s narrative. Lots of material relevant to Noahides.
  • Rashi’s Commentary on the Torah (Artscroll Sapirstein Ed. Item# SRAHS) – Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki’s commentary lays draws upon the entire corpus of Midrash, Talmud, to explain the events of the Torah. Although Rashi writes many times “I only come to explain the plain meaning of the text,” his commentary does much more than deal with “plain meanings.” Rashi is viewed as the “starting point” for any question on the Chumash.
  • Ramban’s Commentary on the Torah (Artscroll Item# SRBNS) – in the 13th century Ramban (Rabbi Moshe Bar Nachman, also called Nachmanides) wrote a commentary analyzing Rashi’s remarks and considering alternative explanations. Reading Rashi alongside the Ramban really conveys the “whole picture.”
  • The Torah Anthology: Beginnings [Beraishis & Noah] (Moznaim Item#930153-2) – an 18th century commentary by Rabbi Yaakov Culi. Originally entitled Me’am Loez, it weaves together commentary, law, ethics, and mysticism to flesh out a practical understanding of the Torah. It is also very enjoyable to read.
  • Artscroll Tanach Series: Bereshis/Genesis, In 2 Volumes (Artscroll Item #BERH) - In depth commentary on the book of Bereshis/Genesis. Excellent for study.


  • Tractate Sanhedrin (Artscroll Schottenstein Ed. Vol. 48 Item# DTSA2) – These pages contain most of the Talmud’s discussion of the Noahide laws. Remember that not all of the opinions brought in the Talmud are actual law. Knowing and deriving the Talmud’s conclusions is a skill that must be It is important to learn this with a study partner or someone who has established skills in learning Talmud.