Sunryze's Seven FREE Sessions



“SUNRYZE” Personal Growth Series

Created by Yosef Feld, LCSW

“SUNRYZE” combines Torah insight with cutting edge Psychology. The series empowers people to heal emotional pain, overcome challenges and become inspiring human beings. “SUNRYZE” will take you on a journey to understand your seven soul qualities and be transformed by these powerful gifts.


Each free session will last approximately 1 hour and be held on successive Sunday's at 5:00 PM eastern time.  The first session will begin on February 20th.  You may enroll in the program up until February 18th.  Afterwards you will have to wait until the seven weeks is over to start the program but you can register to enroll anytime during this 7 week period. 

During this seven week series you will gain Biblical insights and cutting edge psychology that will put you on the path to self healing and self connection.  In addition you will learn that as a human being you have both a soul and a physical body.  Your soul is an inextinguishable spark of God in the heart of every human being and shines with seven divine qualities.  You will come to understand and how to use these qualities of the soul that can heal and transform you.  They are a gift from God to each one of us.

Your soul is your true self; it is undamaged by traumatic experiences and is tremendously resilient in the face if difficult situations.  Your soul has the power to heal your body and lead you to a more healthy and joyful life.

Our physical body is burdened by past trauma and present difficulties.  Our body initially resists the call of our soul but with persistence the body become receptive to the healing and joyful approach to life which is intuitive to our soul.

Your soul and we at Sunryze wish to help you on your way with these seven free sessions.  You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.  How you want your life to be in the future is now up to you and in your control.  The real beauty of the Sunryze Program is that you will gain all this and more from the comfort of your own home.

Simply fill out the short application to enroll yourself and get ready for a life changing experience.


After we receive your application we will send you detailed instruction for accessing the Sunryze video conference room.




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