About Noahide Nations

Noahide Nations believes that the Noahic, or Noahide, covenant was established by God during the time of Noah. This covenant was not only for Noah and his children, but it was for all humankind, as all people are descendants of Noah and his three sons.

These Laws were the impetus for House Joint Resolution 447 in 1982 aka “National Day of Reflection” and again with Public Law 102-114 of the 102nd Congress aka “Education Day USA”.

In a spirit of brotherhood and peace, we seek to spread awareness and knowledge of the Seven Universal Noahide Laws that are presently are still not known to much of mankind. We will teach the Seven Noahide Laws and their eternal message to uphold an ethical, moral, valuable, meaningful, truthful, and just society.

We hope that this education will lead to a positive, true, evolution of religious understanding and relationship with God, based on a realization of personal responsibility for the fulfillment of His will.

Noahide Nations International’s activities include:

  • Providing an organization and structure for the education and fellowship of people who will assemble to learn and proclaim the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) as being the Word of God given to Moses by God at Mount Sinai and that the Prophets (Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi), and the Writings (Psalms, Proverbs, Job, The Song of Songs, Ruth Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Ester, Daniel, Ezra-Nehemiah, and Chronicles) are the inspired Word of God.
  • To provide classes and educational materials for the purpose of children and adults gaining an ever-increasing knowledge and understanding of God and His instructions set forth in His Torah, as well as the Prophets and Writings.  There will be classes and educational material (Books, Tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.) made available for purchase both locally and via the Noahide Nations web site.
  • To confess that man was Created in the image of God.  (Genesis 1:26-27)
  • To have a local and world wide out reach programs.
  • To provide funding through donations to the scientific, literary and archeological communities who endeavor to pursue Biblical Truth.
  • To raise funds through donations and various fundraisers for charitable purposes in Texas, the United States and around the world


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