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An ANTISEMITE, DOES subscribe to the notion that only one type of person, race, or religion, is superior, only one type of person has G-dliness, and therefore will have a relationship with G-d. An ANTISEMITE DOES think that one type of person, or one race, or one religion SHOULD YES dominate the world!!

Therefore, a root cause of anti-Semitism is resentment and hatred of the universal ideas espoused in Jewish educational thinking. 

As an aside, this is the fundamental reason that Jews do not seek to proselytize. There is no Jewish notion that the Jews need to "save" other humans. This is simply because ALL humanity can and should have their own unique relationship with G-d under the umbrella of the universal Noachide laws. Jews do not proselytize, because there is no need to "save" others with Judaism, and because Jews do not have a mission to impose Judaism on humanity. 

As we all know from thousands of years of history of wars and suffering and violence among humans, so much is caused by notions of exclusivity, salvation, and superiority. 

Whether we look back to wars of religious vs pagan, or religious vs religious, or wars of global conquests, or the world wars, we almost always find notions of imposing exclusivity on a relationship with G-d, or superiority of race, or simply global domination. I contend that ALL of this is antisemitism. The Semite teaches respect for all men and their rights to exist, and for each person to have their own unique relationship with G-d under the very broad umbrella of the Noachide principles. 



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