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Indeed, the word university itself is derived from the word universe. The Oxford English Dictionary says that the Latin root of university means the 'whole׳ or 'society. This of course tells us that the role of university is to educate the WHOLE SOCIETY, as to ways of thinking and paradigms. 

The result of all the above, is that a Semite, is a person who lives by and teaches these universal laws, ethics of morality, as well as a paradigm of monotheism. The Semite focuses on the G-dliness of EVERY human being, and the inherent respect due every person. 

Therefore, ANTI-SEMITE or ANTISEMITISM, is anything that contradicts or attacks these teachings. 

Let's explain this on a practical level. 

A SEMITE world view, is one where all people reflect G-dliness, have a right to exist, have a right to have a relationship with G-d, and a system whereby these rights are protected. 

Furthermore, the adherence to these universal laws and ethics is the basis of all societal behavior, and will bring whatever present reward or long term future existence that G-d will provide. Whether or not this current world lasts forever, and whatever comes next, the whole of existence is meant for ALL people. According to the SEMITE, there is no special club or exclusivity that denies membership. The ONLY requirement are these Noachide rules. This world is meant for every human, and any future existence or experience is meant for every human. 

To my knowledge, the only well known and identifiable group that teaches this authentic Semitic view is the Jews. It is for THIS reason that Anti-Semitism came to be defined as an exclusive antipathy against the Jews only. 

What I mean by this, is that the primary objection to the Semite, is that the Semite does not agree that a relationship with G-d is exclusive. A Semite does NOT think that only one race or one type of person is superior, or that only one type of person has G-dliness, and is supposed to control others or dominate the world. 



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