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Moreover, these are the ONLY universal laws. This concept that these are the ONLY rules cannot be overemphasized. This exclusivity necessarily means, that the only requirement by G-d, to live an authentic G-d ordained and condoned existence is to abide by this set of rules.

The significance of this uniquely Jewish teaching is that ALL human beings have these same regulations and ALL human beings are subjects of this one G-d, and ALL human beings are in G-d's image. 

Perforce, all human beings must recognize each other's right of existence, and all must serve this SAME G-d.  

The genuine Jewish view of all humanity, is that no human being has the right to thrust any rule or dictum on any other human being except for these laws. This means that the entirety of humanity should have global views of complete tolerance for each other, AND RESPECT for each other, except in violation of these Noachide laws. 

Under this definition it would be illegal to kill or discriminate against anyone for race, color, or culture. The ONLY guidelines are these rules.

I suggest to all of us sitting here, that this man Shem, the son of Noah, the original Semite, saw it as his mission to universally promulgate these teachings. 

Because he understood that the flooding of the world, was due to man's pervasive corruption, he felt impassioned to prevent the decay of future societies. Shem therefore established this first university as a means of educating the entire world, as to the existence of G-d, and the application of these universal laws. 



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