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So what was taught and studied in this first ancient university? The answer is the universal laws of mankind and society. These laws were given by G-d, directly to the first man Adam and later to Noah. These laws describe the basic parameters of a society that recognizes the One G-d, as the Creator of the Universe and King of all mankind. 

In brief, these laws ban the worship of idols, promote morality, as well as the adjudication of civil laws and rights, including the prohibited acts of murder, stealing, and adultery. In Judaism these laws are known simply as the Noahide laws. These are called the Noahide Laws because after the deluge, Noah and all his descendants were instructed by G-d as to their observance.

A centerpiece of these laws, is the concept that ALL MANKIND is created in G-d's Image. This means that there is a reflection of G-d that is innate to every human being, and that every human being has G-dly value. It is because of this G-dliness that murder is abhorrent. It is this G-dliness that uniquely dignifies ALL humanity. 

What I wish to highlight about these laws of morality and adjudication is the following. According to Judaism and Jewish Law and thinking, these laws are universal. Every single human being on the planet is subject to these same rules and ethics.



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