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Rabbi Akiva Zweig, Rosh Yeshiva, rejoined the faculty at Talmudic University of Florida in 2014 and gives Chaburas as well as teaching Mussar and other subjects to the students. One of the courses he currently gives is the 7 Habits of Highly effective people. As a certified facilitator of the 7 habits Rabbi Zweig is able to mix the teachings of the 7 Habits with Torah teachings to help the students prepare for life. Rabbi Akiva also gives many classes weekly throughout South Florida.  

Here is an amazing lecture that Rabbi Zweig gave at Oxford University about anti-Semitism and Shem.

Oxford speech by HaRav Akiva Zweig - Talmudic University of Florida

It is truly my honor to be addressing all of you this evening. 

In Judaism we have an important rabbinic custom to open any public address by giving respect and homage to the host and location of the event.  

Tonight I acknowledge the importance and prestige of Oxford University, and specifically St John's College, which is prominent under the Oxford umbrella. 

Many of you are aware of the illustrious history of the University of Oxford. The university started well over 900 years ago, and is in fact the second oldest college in the world. It operates the oldest university museum, and the largest university press in the world. 

The far reaching impact of its graduates and students of whom many are heads of state, is both significant and profound. 

I was fascinated to learn that the motto of the University of Oxford is Dominus Illuminatio Mea. Or, The Lord is My Light. Certainly, a credo such as The Lord is My Light, is not only a mantra, but a vision as well as mission statement. Interestingly, I believe that this motto is very relevant to our discussion tonight regarding antisemitism and its deepest origins. 

Perhaps because education is in my blood, as well as my lifelong ambition, I am biased as to the importance and role of education to humanity. 

My father, Rabbi Yochanan Zweig founded a University in Miami Beach, Florida and he is known throughout the world as a Rabbinic and Talmudic scholar and genius. It is not an exaggeration to rank my father as one of the greatest Jewish thinkers and Talmudists of the last several decades. Because I am his student, my father too is our host tonight. 



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