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Noahide Nations was approached by the founder of Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim (Orthodox Yeshiva) in 2013 about an alliance that would bring Noahides from around the world to learn the truth about Noahism directly from the sources.  After much discussion, we agreed to the partnership.  The first step was to have all the sources used to form the bases of Jewish halacha researched to determine what the Noahide halacha was.  The practice of Noahidsm had been lost for thousands of years because it remained hidden within the Jewish sources and was never fully researched to the core.  The Gentile world community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Pirchei Shoshinim who formed a committee of Rabbis who are highly regarded Poskim in the Orthodox Jewish community.  These Rabbis did the initial in-depth research of the sources and handed their findings over to a second committee for verification and additions.  Once complete everything was given to the Director of the Noahide Laws Yeshiva Course, Rabbi Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel.  Rabbi Bloomenstiel, being a Posek himself, researched and reviewed all the sources and materials provided by the previous two committees and began writing the course text.  During this process he reached out to many of today's finest Torah scholars to discuss some of the finer points of the research to confirm, with a majority, that the findings were correct or needed adjustment.  The course text written by Rabbi Bloomenstiel was reviewed by many of these same Torah scholars and when completed was over 600 pages of text. 

Never before in history had this been accomplished with so many esteemed Torah scholars participating to complete the final work.  Rabbi Bloomenstiel then began to create the actual curriculum for this historical program.  It is also important to note that history tells us that a Noahide course, being taught to Gentiles by an Orthodox yeshiva with students who passed receiving a graduation certificate had never been done throughout known history.  This was truly an historical event.

The first class of students put in over 100 hours during 61 classes and invested nearly a year to learn what God truly wants from Gentiles and how to live our lives with our fellow man and how to have a relationship with our Creator.  The students below are from the very first graduating class.  The second class will be graduating in early 2016 and the third class in late 2016.  This "Alumni Wall" is to recognize those individuals who have graduated from this historical course and have made history themselves.


Glenn Parker                                                                                                                          

            Glenn Parker                                                                             Teresa Draper                                                                Brian Bond                                                        Daniel Scouten


                                                    James DeFrancisco                                                                               

      Terry Ann Lynch                                                                               James DeFrancisco                                                       George Brock                                                           Justin Hulsey



        Ray Pettersen                                                                                 Ken Swarm                                                                   Ken Swarm                                                                 Mark Draper

Sue Dvorchak                                                                                                                  

        Susan Dvorchak                                                                                Susan Dvorchak                                                          Robby Jones                                                                Neil Hurst   


   Rabbi Amram Phelps                                                                         Kendall Jones                                                                 Paul Walker                                                              Tim Nelson




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