Rabbi Eliezer Raphoel (Lazer) Brody

Mashpia Ruchni and English Editor, Breslev Israel

English Translator of Rabbi Shalom Arush's books and CDs

Author of Pi Habe'er, Nafshi Tidom, The Trail to Tranquility and other books  

Rehov Harotem 21/9

Ashdod, Israel 77572



23 Adar Bet, 5774 (25 March, 2014)

Approbation - Hascama

Today, the Geula, the full redemption of our people, has certainly become a giant step closer. My esteemed and very dear friend Rabbi Fishel Todd shlit'a, one of today's foremost Torah educators and head of the world-influencing "Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim" with students around the globe, has initiated a vital new program that teaches the Seven Noahide Laws in depth.

Until now, I have never had the privilege of seeing such a comprehensive, practical, and indisputably authoritative study of the entire corpus of Torah literature pertaining to the Noahide laws.

Pirchei Shoshanim has put together a staff of renown Torah scholars for this project, which G-d willing will provide an outstanding halachic resource for the Rabbinic world as well as a practical guide to Noahide observance and belief for the non-Jewish world.

It is an honor to endorse this excellent project, which will surely hasten the day when all of mankind calls Hashem's Name, as we say thrice daily in the Aleinu prayer.

May Hashem grant Rabbi Todd and Pirchei Shoshanim continued success in all their endeavors.

                        With blessings and utmost respect,

                         Eliezer Raphoel (Lazer) Brody

To find out why Rabbi Brody as well as many other highly esteemed Rabbis endorse this successful course go HERE



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