WHAT IS IDOLATRY? - The Universal God

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The Universal God

It is a mistake to think that God is the God of only one particular people. That was the claim of the pagan societies. Every people and culture possessed their gods. The powers of these gods were seen to rise and fall with that of their people. Typically the failure of a god to protect its people from the ill fortunes of war led to the people abandoning their god and serving that of their conqueror. If there is one God only, then He must be the God of not just one people but of all people. God constantly reminds us throughout Scripture that the nations have not been forgotten. They are as much a part of His plan as Israel. The Rabbis teach that the world was created for the Jews so that they could receive Torah, but the Jewish people were created so that they could take that Torah to the world (see I Kings 8:50, II Kings 19:19, Isaiah 45:21-22, Malachi 2:10).

God is unique in Who He is, What He is, and How he relates to human beings. God's existence cannot be compared to any other kind of existence. God is alone having no partner, helper, or internal division. God is uniquely identified as the God of a people—Israel. By attaching His name to Israel he has made identifying the true God dependent upon finding the true people of God. God isn't the God of Israel only, He is the God of all people.




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