WHAT IS IDOLATRY? - God has a Unique Identity

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God has a Unique Identity

God's unique identity is absolutely necessary to know the true God. Although there are religions based (in some way) on Judaism that have claimed to serve the same God as the one professed by the Jewish people, they cannot escape that God has established for Himself a unique identity that is inseparable from the descendants of Israel. This identity is intrinsically connected with the Exodus and Sinai experiences. God is the God of the children of Israel. Although He is the God of all humanity, God's unique identity is as the God of Israel. In giving Israel His Torah, God forever linked His identity with Israel. God tells Israel over and over again "I am your God" (Exodus 6:7; 16:12; Leviticus 11:44-45; 18:2, 4, 30, Ezekiel 34:31, etc.) "my people" (Exodus 5:1; 22:5; Leviticus 26:12; Numbers 24:14).

It is through Israel and their Torah that all nations gain blessing and knowledge of God. Anyone that claims that their god is the same as the God of the Sinai revelation but this god was not known to the Children of Israel at Sinai, or that this god has a different chosen people, or that there is nothing holy about the Torah or that the Torah today is not the same as the Torah of yesterday, or claims that it is not necessary to keep the Torah, this person does not serve the same God of the Jewish people, and has misunderstood something essential about God.

The unique identity of God as the God of Israel is seen clearly from scripture. Exodus 20:3, I Kings 8:60, Hosea 13:4, etc.

In the next section we will discuss other gods.



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