Views From Jerusalem Post

  1. "The United States, as we have said many times, cares for the Palestinian people and wants to help, but we will not empower a regime that launches attacks on Israeli kindergartens."

  2. In a democracy, parliaments are supposed to not only pass laws but also engage in oversight; that is, to ensure that legislation is implemented and identify deficiencies in the government’s work.

  3. While the strategic decision to pursue a more efficient IDF is understandable, it will come at a cost.

  4. A few weeks ago, Likud put up campaign posters in Tel Aviv ahead of the October 30 mayoral elections with the slogan: “It’s us or them.”

  5. The State of Israel is looking forward to the continued ingathering of the exiles from around the world – from South America, Australia, Europe, North America, Ethiopia and from everywhere else.


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