Views From Jerusalem Post

  1. Like rats leaving a sinking ship, other countries have bailed on the deal with Iran. Oil prices have seen little variation, a sign of the president’s success.

  2. Violence on all sides continues most recently with a 17-year-old Palestinian fatally stabbing Ari Fuld who was living with his family in Efrat.

  3. The Israeli air attack was indeed a sensitive, if necessary, operation, near the Russian air base in the area and on the eve of the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur.

  4. About three years ago, I was shocked to learn that the Israeli government decided to establish a new town for the Druze community on the southern slopes of the Horns of Hattin National Park.

  5. “It is foolish to identify majority rule with the essence of democracy and freedom.... In an ideal state, compromise between majority and minority should be a permanent rule.”


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