Views From Jerusalem Post
  1. English-speaking immigrants can reignite Israel’s pioneering spirit

    May each of us find a way to take the passion that led us to choose Israel and help influence it, infusing this country with a renewed belief in itself and what it can become.
  2. Trump’s Jerusalem decision and its Latin American, Caribbean impact

    The fact that these countries were either absent or abstained from UN resolutions against Israel is striking and shows the administration’s message had a strong effect on this group of countries.
  3. As I See It: Palestinianism is over – someone please tell the British

    Britain is the mother ship of political liberty and justice in the West. Tragically, though, it has slipped its moral moorings.
  4. Know Comment: Israel is worthy and winning

    The grand strategy involves vigilance, patience and looking over the horizon for new partnerships
  5. My Word: Abbas’s speeches and narratives

    To paraphrase the famous quote from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, my advice to Abbas is: When you have to talk, talk; don’t shoot your mouth off.


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