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New Jewlarious Articles
  1. According to Gerald Hartman, Jewish American artists used their comic books to urge America to join World War II to save their brethren in Europe.
  2. From the paper chain to the ushpizin poster to the Christmas lights, I’ve got your Sukkah covered.
  3. People need advice for Sukkot. Jewish men are building houses, keeping plants alive, and dancing in public, none of which they know how to do.
  4. Have we forgotten how to make friends?
  5. On October 6, 1927, the day before Yom Kippur, “The Jazz Singer” electrified the audience as the first official feature-length film in sound.
  6. You know that your apology is downright awful if you then have to apologize for your apology.
  7. Why is saying sorry so hard?
  8. God, please help me to stop eating chocolate.
  9. Miriam Poppins is about an Israeli nanny who floats down from the sky holding oversized Shabbos candlesticks.
  10. What has been your biggest ethical challenge at work?


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