Humor For The Soul

New Jewlarious Articles
  1. A Bag of Marbles: A New Holocaust Film Worth Seeing

    The true story of French Jewish brothers fighting for survival during WWII.
  2. How to Maximize the All You Can Eat Buffet

    Bring dessert for your “entire table.” This is a misdirection technique I learned from my aunt.
  3. Jtube: Sebastian Maniscalco; Arent You Embarrassed?

    Do Jews have a unique cuisine?
  4. Other American Things Moving to Jerusalem

    After moving their Embassy to Jerusalem, these American things will also be moving – or have moved already.
  5. Jtube: Full Belly: Full Heart

    What message would you like to give to the owner of this very special kosher restaurant?
  6. New Emojis: I Second that Emotion

    Here are a bunch of new emojis you’ll use every day.
  7. 25 Funniest Jewish Comedians in History

    Celebrating the rich variety of Jewish humor.
  8. Flying the Kosher Skies

    How to make your flying experience more “kosher.”
  9. Jtube: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Michael Richards

    If we do teshuvah (repent), is it okay to let go of our mistake and move on?
  10. Humorous Guide to Making Mishloach Manot

    When repurposing, make sure to leave the note with the name of the people who gave it to you originally.


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