Humor For The Soul

New Jewlarious Articles
  1. How do we educate children against anti-Semitism?
  2. My techniques to make it through the Tisha B’Av fast.
  3. Bob Dylan attended Zionist-oriented Herzl Camp in Wisconsin where it is said he first learned to play guitar, piano and harmonica.
  4. “Rugelach” is a Yiddish word that literally means “little twists.”
  5. The way my parents made Jewish summer camp sound, I thought I was joining the US Armed Forces.
  6. Does being a leader sometimes mean being the bad guy?
  7. With a few dog jokes slipped in for good measure.
  8. I was all shook up in Mississippi.
  9. What’s one of the most powerful songs that inspires you?
  10. Your goal is to get into your hotel room but the anti-Semites have decided to make hotel keys electronic.


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