Humor For The Soul

New Jewlarious Articles
  1. Ready Player One

    How do we know which world is real and which is fake?
  2. Jtube: Greys Anatomy: When Bad Things Happen

    How did the rabbi address why bad things happen to good people?
  3. Yom HaAtzmaut Traditions

    This Israel Independence Day, shpritz people with white foam. In Israel, that’s just what we do.
  4. Famous Jews and Their Pen Pals

    From Anne Frank’s Iowa pen pal to Groucho Marx’s correspondence with T. S. Elliot.
  5. Confessions of a Jewish Smother

    I have a problem: I’m a smothering mother.
  6. Jtube: Drunk History: Mr. Rogers Beautiful Life

    Would a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood show work today?
  7. Passover Food You Need to Buy

    Buy lots of eggs. Because other than brisket, everything should taste like scrambled eggs.
  8. New Plagues for Passover

    Some new plagues to relive the Exodus experience.
  9. Jtube: Wonder

    How can we teach our children what true beauty is?
  10. A Bag of Marbles: A New Holocaust Film Worth Seeing

    The true story of French Jewish brothers fighting for survival during WWII.


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