Middle East

  1. Research: Lebanon spy agency targets smartphone users worldwide

    The attacks, which seized control of Android smartphones, allowed the hackers to turn them into victim-monitoring devices and to steal any data from them undetected, researchers said.
  2. Haley takes PA to task after 'hateful' comments by Abbas

    "We’re not going to reward bad behavior," said the US envoy to the UN, referring to cut in funding to refugee aid group.
  3. Hezbollah terrorist trial in Bulgaria starts

    Five Israelis and a Bulgarian were murdered in Hezbollah bomb attack.
  4. UNRWA chief appeals to int'l community after Trump withholds funds

    UNRWA provides education, health and social welfare to Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.
  5. UAE will complain to UN body over Qatar war planes

    Two Qatari war planes twice flew dangerously close to the UAE airliners as they descended towards Bahrain International Airport.


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