Middle East

  1. Trump ‘firmly committed’ to restarting peace process, Pence says

    Mike Pence left Washington at the onset of a government shutdown and amid bipartisan calls from Capitol Hill on him to raise growing concern with Sisi over his government’s human rights record.
  2. Turkey air strikes hit Syria's Afrin province in push to secure borders

    Direct military action against territory held by Kurdish militia opens a new front in Syria's civil war and sees Ankara confronting Kurds allied to the United States.
  3. Report: Germany weighs new sanctions against Iran

    Germany wants to punish Iran for its missile program and its meddling in conflicts in other Middle East countries, such as the war in Yemen and Syria.
  4. Turkish and Syrian threats in Afrin put U.S., Russia in a bind

    What does it all mean for Israel?
  5. U.S. won't pay $45 million pledged for Palestinian food aid — for now

    "Fundamentally, we just don't believe that we have to be the chief donor to every organization around the world."


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